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Jogging With Grandmaster Kim

Everyone_Jogging_Together_On_Boardwalk Natasha_Side_Kick

Every Saturday Morning at 8am Grandmaster Kim jogs with as many as 15 students and their families. Everyone is invited to come jog with him at Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park, Long Branch located at the end of Rt. 36. Free to all USTC students this activity is designed to help everyone improve their cardiovascular endurance. This is especially helpful for sparring. After jogging students get a chance to practice some of their basic sparring kicks with Grandmaster Kim. This special training is helpful for those participating in tournaments and the Junior Olympics. During the summer there will be volleyball, dodgeball and other games (weather permitting) after jogging on the boardwalk. Pictures (Top): Everyone jogging on the Boardwalk (Bottom): Natasha Backman and Margarita Lara practicing sparring kicks after jogging.

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