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New Jersey Atlantic Open

Tournaments are a great way for everyone to learn and to grow in Taekwondo. It is a great opportunity to train and then test your skills, bringing you to the next level of your abilities and goals. After all it is only with challenge and obstacles where a person has the chance to become more than they are.

USTC sponsored a tournament Sunday May 18, 2003 that was held at Shore Regional High School in West Long Branch. There were students from more than 10 schools from around New Jersey competing in this tournament. The Tournament was a great success attracting over 400 participants and 1000 spectators. All the masters gave favorable comments on how well this tournament was organized.

There were three main divisions: Breaking, Forms and sparring. Participants were further divided by Age, Belt and Gender. Medals were awarded for first, second and third in each division. Participants who won a gold medal (1st place) in all three divisions, were awarded a big trophy and deemed Grand Champion for their division

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